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    Worldwide Exc USA

Marketing Materials


Yes, Maria Sharapova is one of the greatest to ever play the game of tennis.

Yes, her marketability among female athletes is largely unrivaled.

Yes, she was embroiled in a doping scandal that resulted in suspension.

Yes, she is beautiful, poised and articulate.

She is also unknown.

This film serves to change that by bridging the chasm between Maria Sharapova and those whom she plays with, and especially, those she plays for: her fans. It captures a moment in time. One that changed her. Taught her. And ignited a life-changing and life-lasting appreciation for her fans.

Maria tells her story in her own words – with a raw intimacy she’s never before allowed us. This unprecedented access gives evidence to Maria’s desire to give more of herself to her fans.

The documentary follows Maria Sharapova from March 2016, at the start of her suspension, as she prepares for her first post-suspension tennis match on April 26th in Germany.

Featuring exclusive first person video shot by Maria herself, along with interviews and archival footage the documentary tells the story of Maria’s year-long journey through unexpected down-time to returning to championship form.